Community and Outreach

Solutions Social Care also offers a range of Community and Outreach services for individuals for whom building-based support is either not appropriate or not the best option.

Available throughout all 32 London boroughs and Hertfordshire, our Community and Outreach services include home-support, any number of activities out in the community, coming to a centre as part of a drop-in session, or a mixture of the above. 

We offer a Shopping Training service, and a full Travel Training programme that builds independence by getting individuals confident and comfortable with challenges such as public transport, crossing the road safely, becoming accustomed to routes, and learning how to read signs and schedules. Travel buddies are assigned and where possible maintained throughout the programme, which usually lasts six to eight weeks. 

Passenger Assist/Escorting

We are able to provide PAs for individual trips to college or school as well as medical appointments. Please use the contact details below.

Solutions Logistics

020 3740 1333
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Solutions Logistics