Centre-Specific Groups: "How We Work" & "Aspire"

This group gives individuals with autism or a learning disability the opportunity to contribute to the running of Solutions Social Care – and be paid to do it!

"How We Work Group" (Thurs & Fri South Acton Manor House)

Participants in the How We Work Group all have lived experienced of being supported in either residential, educational or community-based services. The Group allows them to get involved in the recruitment of day opportunities staff as well as in induction and refresher training; they can also raise concerns regarding issues such as safeguarding, medication for people with autism, and the matching of people we support with staff, and advocate for services and activities they would like to see Solutions Social Care provide.  

While training they are paid £10.88 p/h, which matches the London Living Wage.

"Aspire Group" (Northolt)

The "Aspire Group" is a dedicated service for people with autism and mainly non-verbal communication.

The service offers a range of building-based opportunities for development and play in a low arousal environment, including board games, puzzles and group activities. Our Northolt location offers three very well-appointed rooms, a fully equipped communal cooking facility, and a private garden that provides a wealth of space for outdoor pursuits.

The "Aspire Group" is for individuals who wish also to take part in community activities.