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Hear from some of our team-members’ about their Solutions Social Care stories and experiences...

Lydia's Story

Working at Solutions Social Care has taught me so much about working as a team and making a real difference in people’s lives! 

As a Positive Behaviour Support Worker, I observe and reflect on the social and physical environments in which certain behaviours occur and then use this understanding to develop support that improves the quality of life for the people we support and those around them. I love collaborating with the rest of the brilliant team here, and I can recommend Solutions Social Care wholeheartedly as a safe, welcoming, and fulfilling place to work.


Having worked in social care for many years, in a number of voluntary and paid roles, I took a long break to care for our children. Returning to work was a daunting prospect. Would I be able to find a position at an organization I admired, and would we be a good fit for one another? The fit with Solutions Social Care was perfect. SSC’s commitment to providing quality care and support was inspirational, and I was delighted to join a team of such dedicated, well trained staff. The support and on-going training I have received have given me the confidence and skills to return to a field of work I have always loved.


When you work at Solutions Social care it’s more than just a job: you play a vital role in keeping London’s care system running, helping to ensure that everyone who needs it receives the highest standard of care and is respected and treated with dignity. 

It’s rewarding and inspirational to work with an organization whose mission is to make real improvements in people’s lives and which takes that mission so seriously. Every day I get to engage directly with the people we work with in a wide range of activities that ultimately will make their quality of life everything it can be and help them in achieving their aspirations – what could be better than that?


I’ve been a Day Opportunities Worker at SSC for more than two years now, and I can say beyond a doubt it’s the best job I’ve ever had. What I find so satisfying is that I get to help people with real, day-to-day things that they find challenging and make real practical difference in their lives. I especially love the way the work pushes me to find ways to understand and relate to all people we support as unique individuals with unique needs, and to keep things simple, light and fun. SSC has given me all the training and support I could have asked for, and every day I feel empowered to do my job to the very highest standard I can.


I’ve learned so much during my years at SSC – and continue to learn new things every day!

One of the best things about working here is the resilience and determination of the team around you: it’s inspirational to see the amount of positivity and expertise they bring to helping every person we work with. The training is also really thorough and practical, and focused on real-life scenarios. And there’s a great leadership structure in place that allows good communications between everyone who works here, ensuring that all individual needs are properly registered and provided for.

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