Positive Behaviour Support Workshop

The PBS workshop will be a short introduction into using PBS as a support worker.

We will introduce an understanding of why we use PBS and how to implement it. There will be a focus on understanding and identifying the functions of behaviour and how to document this with the aim to reduce behaviour that challenges. The course will also briefly cover PBS strategies to enhance Quality of Life and how to use PBS to teach new skills. Participants will be able to reflect on their current practices and their service user’s current support.

Prior learning: It will be useful for participants to have completed the autism introductory course, but this is not essential.

Recommended participants: Day Opportunities Workers, Additional Responsibilities Day Opportunity Workers, Senior Day Opportunity Workers, Activity Co-ordinators, Centre Co-ordinators, Head Office Staff

Aims, Topics & Outcome


  • To gain an understanding of the main uses of PBS
  • To develop an understanding of behaviour that challenges, and of the causes of behaviour that challenges
  • To be able to discuss functions of behaviour that are specific to certain service users
  • To understand why PBS is a wholistic concept driven by science and values
  • To understand the importance of taking data and how to record good/useful data
  • To understand elements of a PBS plan and the different stages of intervention (traffic light system/assault cycle).
  • To discuss how PBS tools can be used in practice to improve quality of life (empowerment model/zero-five).


Learning Outcomes - by the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • For staff to understand the purpose of a PBS plan
  • For staff to be able to give a definition of behaviour that challenges and examples
  • For staff to understand the 5 functions of behaviour
  • For staff to ensure they know how to take good data and the importance of this
  • For staff to understand the importance of reducing behaviour that challenges, and the importance of promoting quality of life
  • For staff to have an understanding of models to use to increase quality of life

Holly Durrant

For over a decade Holly has worked closely with children…

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